Welcome to the Mount Vernon SDA Church. Our mission, Setting People Free in Jesus • By making worship of the creator relevant • By providing fellowship in his family • By teaching habits of spiritual growth • By utilizing spiritual gifts in ministry • By sharing the gospel
Services on Saturday 9:30am and 10:45am

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  • Conference: “Out & About” Newsletter

    Conference: “Out & About” Newsletter

    Latest Newsletters: 10/15/2019 – The Last Issue of Out & About – And Future Plans! 10/08/2019 – Looking for weekend plans? Look inside for options! 10/01/2019 – Your Out & About e-Calendar for Oct. 1! 09/25/2019 – Your Out & About e-Calendar for Sept. 25! 09/17/2019 – Your Out & About e-Calendar for Sept. 17! […]
  • Freedom Sabbath

    Freedom Sabbath

    Do you remember where you were when you learned about 9/11? It was much the same for me when I first learned about Human Trafficking back in November of 2013. My world stopped turning as I learned that there are more people enslaved today than the whole of slaves during the great abolition of slavery […]
  • SAA Presents

    SAA Presents

    “SAA Presents” preached by Skagit Adventist Academy Junior and Senior Panel on September 14th, 2019 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington
  • The Foundation

    The Foundation

    What is the most basic of the basics? Is there something so fundamental that if we get this right our lives will have a good outcome and if we don’t, we won’t? Let’s ask Jesus by way of Matthew. Scripture: Mt 7:24-27; Mt 7:21-23; Jn 13:37-38; Mt 26:41; Mt 5:3,4,5; Mt 26;75; Jn 21:15,18; Acts […]
  • Conference: “Washington ACTS” Newsletter

    Conference: “Washington ACTS” Newsletter

    Latest Newsletters: 10/10/2019 – Fistful of Nails 10/03/2019 – Worshiping Miracles? 09/26/2019 – Surrounded 09/19/2019 – Working Together 09/12/2019 – Food of Kings 09/05/2019 – Rooted in Faith 08/29/2019 – A Lovely Future 08/23/2019 – Recombobulation Time 08/15/2019 – The Gifts of Oshkosh 08/08/2019 – Adding a Human Touch 08/01/2019 – Speak, Lord, for your servant […]

Church Events

Band of Brothers Breakfast

October 24, 2019
7:00 am @ Billy's Cafe

Meet a Billy’s Cafe in Burlington every Thursday morning at 7am. Times and locations change at times so please contact Ron Everett for more information.

Love & Laundry

October 24, 2019
1:00 to 3:30pm

Mount Vernon Seventh-Day Adventist Church sponsored and built a laundry room at the Friendship House in downtown Mount Vernon. The purpose of this laundry service is to assist anyone who wants to have clean laundry. Contact the Friendship House directly for more information or to volunteer: 360-336-6138.

Community Services Fellowship

October 25, 2019
8:30 am @ Church

You are invited to attend a community conversation focused this week on daytime events and activities that will build bridges and empower people in our community. All are welcome Friday mornings at 8:30 at the Mt. Vernon SDA Church, 4520 E College Way.

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